I still cannot imagine why I kept some useless utensils for so long?

The utensils that I hung onto the longest and were the most useless were a set of flimsy metal measuring spoons.

I would have had them for close to 10 years and I rarely reached for them as they did not fit into most of the jars or packets that called for a spoon measurement.

They held no sentimental value and it wasn’t an expensive set either.

I suppose I kept them as long as I did because I was happy to just guess measurements when the spoons didn’t fit into my spice jars.

Do you find that you do the same thing….Just keep something on hand and use it occasionally even though it does not work or function as well as what it could.

The other utensils that stayed in my possession for years too long was a set of measuring cups. The measurements had worn off years ago and their was only left a bit of a color on the handles that represented their sizes. I could no longer remember at a glance what color was for what. I would have to take them all out and look at them in the group to work out which was the third or the half cup size. Or I would just always grab the full cup size and guess a half or 3/4 measurement.

These cups had no sentimental value and were a cheap set.

I just put up with them even though they annoyed me every time I had to use them

It was finally a chicken curry recipe that finally forced me to do something about my hopeless measuring spoons.

The recipe called for a lot of spices and they were all tablespoon and teaspoon measurements. These stupid spoons could not fit into any spice jar so I had to guess the quantities and it was messy. I would use the tip of a knife to stick into a jar…I often lost a bit of the spices between the jar and the pot.

Can you relate to this video?


I was making this curry every couple of weeks as it became a firm favorite.

If you are after a great mild curry – Check out the recipe HERE 

Last year I was researching ideas for a new business venture for my husband and I. We had been working with health food for a little while and I was really curious to see if I could find some utensils that would suit our products.

I was thinking of mixing spoons and spatulas but I saw an image on Pinterest of these marvelous rectangular measuring spoons. Straight away I knew that these spoons would be a God send in every kitchen and that is how Cooking Gods came about. All because my spoons would not fit into my spice jars and I knew that many other people had the same problem.

So here is the before and after photos

Useless utensils

metal measuring cups

Amazing Utensils







Now I have spoons that fit into all spice jars and even better they sit flat on a bench top. All my ingredients can be measured and set out ready to go

I am also super happy that the cups are stainless steel.

The plastic set I had put up with, were a faint apricot color in a couple of sizes as they had been stained from measuring out tomato sauce. The bonus is I feel better knowing that I am using food safe utensils.

If you are wanting to change the way you measure your ingredients…This link will take you to the Cooking Gods Amazon store.

We know you will love them!!

Now that I know I should have been using better measurement utensils a long time ago – I have become more ruthless. I took a pot to the charity store last week……Which was a big deal.

The pot worked fine and there was nothing wrong with it I had used it a lot in previous years…..But I recently changed cook tops and got an induction top.

This pot no longer could be used on the cook top as it was not magnetic conducting …But I kept it because in the back of my mind I thought I “might need it” as a casserole pot in the oven. Even though I had 3 other casserole pots that I preferred.

Getting rid of that pot actually gave me valuable room in a kitchen draw.

It is a curious thing how we can hang onto items that no longer serve us in the way that they did or that they could.

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