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Pumpkin Loaf using Fresh Pumpkin

Pumpkin loaf was a new thing for me to bake. In the past I had made pumpkin scones ( a very Australian recipe) and also Pumpkin Damper ( another Aussie classic) So when I had a butternut pumpkin aka Butternut Squash that had been sitting in my pantry keeping company...

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Baking Tools for Beginners – Gift Guide

Baking Tools for a budding baker will make a great gift! I can  still remember the thrill of my Gran giving me her favorite mixing bowl and her Pyrex jug And 20 years later I am still using them!! Don’t you love the idea of giving a gift that will be used time and...

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7 Easy Homemade Frosting Recipes

Frost like a G.O.D with our 7 easy frosting recipes – meringue buttercream, chocolate ganache, lemon and coffee buttercream and – of course – peanut butter or cream cheese icing. No dairy? -- No worries. We’ve even included a vegan option. It takes time to make...

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Vegan Chorizo Crumble – Easy to make and Gluten Free!

So excited to share this Vegan Chorizo recipe with you and yes I am just sharing it! This Vegan Chorizo recipe was developed and put together by an amazing Vegan Blogger Veggie Rose Her Youtube channel is packed full of amazing Vegan recipes and her subscribers are...

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The Best Measuring Cups and Why!

  The BEST measuring cups and why we sell them.   This review will help you choose a great measuring cup and spoon set that will last a lifetime and is the most practical for all cooks.   I thought long and hard about writing why we had the best measuring cups and...

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