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Prevent Mice in the Kitchen

My stance on a mouse visitor (and if you see one, there will be several more that you haven't seen...YET!)Is to make your house as uninviting as possible so you don’t need to resort to killing them ( I hate them in my house but I had a pet mouse as a kid so I still...

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Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

When I am cooking - I like to "Go with the Flow" When your kitchen layout is out of whack, "The Flow" is non existent. The placement of each item in your kitchen will determine how easy it is to cook food and get your meals served. Once a kitchen becomes disorganized,...

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Spice Organization tips from the experts

From Disaster to Nirvana – Talking about all things spicy. I love cooking with spices…I mean spices is what makes a meal taste GREAT (and not so great if you get the balance wrong) But they are a total pain to keep neat and tidy and you have to dig around looking for...

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Gift ideas for a Baker

Gift ideas for a baker I can  still remember the thrill of my Gran giving me her favorite mixing bowl and her Pyrex jug And 20 years later I am still using them!! Don’t you love the idea of giving a gift that will be used time and time again evoke so many memories and...

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Mexican Spice Blend

This Mexican Spice Blend is so easy to make and use. This Mexican Spice Blend is made to give a Mexican spiciness to any food! It is simple to make and surprising in your mouth! You can feel the paprika, the chili, coriander and cumin. All these strong...

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