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Lemon sour cream cake

This is a delicious lemon and sour cream cake and  it was an easy choice to bake You see, when I bake there has to be two factors!! There has to be a reason! Either a birthday or someone is coming to visit!! The second reason! I have an ingredient in the fridge or...

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Bariatric breakfast full of vitamins and protein

Bariatric breakfast with protein and vitamins can be a struggle, especially when eggs are not your favourite food and too much dairy causes stomach discomfort! I was sleeved 7 years ago!! Long before there was all the online resources and guides that exists now I did...

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Best cooking utensils for health

Best cooking utensils for health When selecting kitchen utensils do take into consideration what the products are made of. Nonstick cookware and utensils - Many of us older than 35 would remember what happened with Teflon! Teflon in all cookware was a huge selling...

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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas Guide Was in order because I was recently was invited to a Bridal Shower and I was super excited for the invitation. I love going to day time events, being able to sit with other women ,enjoy the food, the conversation and get a little bit...

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Pumpkin Loaf using Fresh Pumpkin

Pumpkin loaf was a new thing for me to bake. In the past I had made pumpkin scones ( a very Australian recipe) and also Pumpkin Damper ( another Aussie classic) So when I had a butternut pumpkin aka Butternut Squash that had been sitting in my pantry keeping company...

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Baking Tools for Beginners – Gift Guide

Baking Tools for a budding baker will make a great gift! I can  still remember the thrill of my Gran giving me her favorite mixing bowl and her Pyrex jug And 20 years later I am still using them!! Don’t you love the idea of giving a gift that will be used time and...

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