My measuring cups and spoons get used a lot!

I like to follow recipes and most that I use are for home bakers and use measuring cups and spoons for measurements.

Because I live in Australia and we use metric measurements. If I see a recipe from the USA that uses Imperial weights and measurements, I won’t even bother converting them.

Cups and Spoon measurements they are going to be the same world wide ( Or very close to it)

For years I had used a plastic cup set and a cheap metal spoon set.

The measuring cup set had lost the markings on the handles and it was getting infuriating to work out which cup was which and I use to second guess myself when grabbing one and hoping I had remembered which color related to which size.

My measuring spoon set, and you can see from the photo, was also useless.

Useless set of plastic cups and spoons that do not fit

My favorite recipes usually call for a teaspoon or a tablespoon measurement of a spice……These spoons could not fit into any of my spice jars and each time I cooked a lot of my spice quantities were guesses and involved me trying to tip the spices onto the spoon which meant there was always spillage!






Can you relate to this video that shows the difference when measuring spices with a better shaped spoon!

I will actually link the recipe that finally got me thinking about better measuring spoons!

It is a family favorite and a great tasting mild curry – It is also dairy and gluten free

The Curry Recipe that Inspired an Idea

I do enjoy cooking and using tools and utensils to make it easier and better is always a joyous thing!!

Not that long ago I was on Pinterest and I spied a set of measuring spoons that made my heart start racing….I saw spoons that I knew would actually fit into my spice jars.

At the same time my family had decided that E Commerce was going to be the main way that people shopped and Amazon was coming to Australia so we launched on Amazon USA and the rest of the world will follow! Checkout our store on Amazon USA

An idea was born and thus came about Cooking Gods and giving people better utensils in the kitchen and this is how our first products were launched!

Now I have cups that will always have easy to read measurements and washing up is so much easier…No more food stains!

metal measuring cups

Stainless steel metal measuring cups and spoons

And check out that gorgeous teaspoon!….It fits into the narrowest of my spice jars and my Curry Recipe actually has improved in taste as my measurements are accurate every time. If you are after a set – GRAB THEM HERE



I will be going through the rest of my kitchen utensils and working out what I love and what I don’t love about what I use and more and more will be added to our online stores.

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