6 Awesome spice blends – THAT you will use all the time!

I recently asked a question on my Facebook page about what are people’s favorite spice to use. The overwhelming winner was Garlic with Cumin coming in at second place. No one mentioned using different actual spice blends and we all know that combining spices is where all the magic is at…Just Garlic or just Cumin does do a little bit to enhance a meal. But if we add garlic, cumin, coriander, paprika and oregano all together and in the right ratios…you have a Mexican Fiesta going on in your mouth!! This got me thinking about the ways I use spices and how others might use them as well. In the past I had bought different spice mixes or blends and I was only able to use them for the recipe that was printed on the back of the jar/pack and I was never quite sure how else to use the blend…So it would sit unused. I went and researched what some of the most popular spice blends are and came up with these 6 spice blends that are easy to make and to use and will always be a favorite. Spice blends are an easy way to pack a lot more flavour into a meal and if you make them up and know the tricks on how to use them – you will save money on buying pre-packaged mixes…And I hate to say it, some of the packaged blends do not always have the real flavors in them. They may substitute them with flavour enhancers rather than the real ingredient plus artificial colors are added to make it look more appealing.

So what are these 6 AWESOME spice blends??


Lemon Pepper
Indian Curry

I have included a signature recipe that each blend is used in. AND instructions on how to use the blend with different meats, making sauces, dressing salads and with vegetables as well. This is all in an easy to read E book…. And I have also included a sweet discount to the AMAZING measuring cups and spoons we sell here at Cooking Gods or on Amazon You will need to measure the spices out and only our spoons fit into most spice jars!!

How to store your blends

  • Keep away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight.  Avoid storing over the stove, dishwasher, sink or near a window. These elements will reduce flavour intensity and can also introduce moisture to your blend storage containers.
  • Always close spice containers tightly after each use.

How to Optimize Freshness

  • Spices and herbs that are whole, will maintain their freshness longer than those that are ground.
  • Spices and herbs do not spoil as such but they do lose their strength. Old and weak seasonings will not deliver the taste they should.
  • Spices and herbs will keep for a long time if they are stored in airtight bottles.  The shelf life of properly stored spices and herbs is approximately 4 years for whole spices, 2-3 years for ground spices and 1-3 years for leafy herbs or when using dried peel.
  • To see if your spices and herbs are still fresh – Check the look, smell and taste.  A visual check for color fading is a good indicator of flavour loss.  Taste and smell your spices and herbs; if a fresh odor or taste is not apparent, they need to be replaced.
  • Do not sprinkle spices and herbs directly from the bottle over steam.  Steam introduced into the bottle will hasten the loss of flavour and aroma.  Steam will also result in the spices clumping together.
  • Make sure your measuring spoon is completely dry when you dip it into the bottle. Moisture introduced into the bottle will also result in caking and flavour loss.

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